Monday, 4 November 2013

prompt practise 2

One day James and Luke went to the beach, because it was a sunny day and they loved to swim there.  

They couldn’t swim because there was a shark.  The lifeguard was ringing the bell and people were coming out of the water.  James and Luke didn’t want to hop out so they just kept swimming.  they  keep on swimming and they didn’t cark

The lifeguards came in and pulled them out of the water.  The boys got in big trouble because they weren’t listening to the lifeguards.


  1. vaine you have a nice story brid keep it up

  2. This is good Vaine, you just have to try and get your ideas down on your own and not rely on someone else to do the typing for you. You have a great story which you said to me, but you need to try and type it yourself next time.